Kuenkhen Pema Karpo was born in the year 1527 in the Kongpo region of Tibet fulfilling the prophesy of Guru Rinpoche which states; “A person named Pema will uphold the banner of Verbal and Realization teachings of Buddha”. Within few months after his birth, to everyone’s astonishment he was able to chant the six-syllabled mantra of Avaloketeshvara. At 9 he was confirmed as the reincarnation of Choki Drakpa and enthroned as the Dharma king to continue his enlightened activities by the senior disciples of his former incarnation. He was then brought to Druk Sewa Jangchubling, the main seat of Gyalwa Drukpa and installed as the throne holder by Ngawang Chogyal who presided over the tonsuring ceremony and named him Ngawang Norbu. He got the full monastic ordination from Venerable Tashi Namgyal and continued his studies under the guidance of prominent Drukpa masters like Ngagi Wangchuk and Yoenten Yeshey and eventually became the crown of masters in Tibet. The most notable work of Kuenkhen Pema Karpo includes 24 volumes of writings and establishment of monasteries like Sangag Choling, Tashi Thogmen, Jamchen Pekar and more. He passed into nirvana at the age of 66 on the fifteenth day of the seventh Bhutanes months. Some of his disciples include Mipham Chogyal, Tenpai Nyima, Lhawang Lodroe, Pekar Wangpo, Ngawang Zangpo, Sangay Dorji and many more.

(Excerpted from the Lhodruk Chojung by HH Kyabje Gedun Rinchen)